Postcard Design for the past 2013 Chinese's New Year. The Year of the Snake.
Typographic poster using a fruit as a medium of communication.
Design of a quote (Saturday a day of blessings, not restrictions)
This is a Design to bring to the present an object of the past.
UI/UX design of a bicycle store and organization for devices.
Logo for esthetitian.
Design challenge to celebrate the 125 years of Netional Geographic.
Poster for a evangelism month.
This is a Typographic Poster of Futura and his creator Paul Renner.
Design of a Blue Bunny Campaign. Special edition for Puerto Rico. Using a new product to celebrate his 100 years.
Design to show the seven contrasts of Johannes Itten.
Design using the differents combinations of the color wheel and a fire hydrant to communicate the message.